Our Mission    

We are a small group of private citizens with serious concerns about the current state and future viability of our Emergency Medical Services system – that's your/our ambulance services. Most of us are retired, but we all have experience as EMS directors or administrators, EMS educators or Emergency Physicians, with over 500 years of combined service. We believe there are serious issues with regard to: staffing, ambulance coverage and availability, funding, and in some cases, leadership.

The first step to solving this problem is recognizing there is one. It is our goal to enlighten you and our political leadership as to the existence of these problems, and more importantly, to collectively work towards finding realistic solutions to resolve them by gathering information and providing it on our website.


Contact CC4EMS

412.532.9382 (call or text)


Professional Services

CC4EMS professional services are provided to EMS organizations or communities requesting assistance with EMS-related questions or inquiries.  For a quick review of how our EMS advocate organization can assist you, please complete our short inquiry form by clicking here or call us for a consultation on your particular situation.